Beberapa panduan berkaitan Solat Gerhana


Thanks to you who asked. The writer does not want to discuss regarding this ‘Kusuf Solat’ at length. And what the author would submit this is the opinion of scholars in by School of Syafie. As a writer edict could separa solar eclipse this Friday applicable in Malaysia, which began with 3:01 evening 5:38 evening with the first phase applies to the 3:0 evening and reached the maximum eclipse phase at 4:26 pm. Blessing phenomenon, encouraged Muslim perform solat circumcision or ‘circumcision Kusuf solat’ eclipse and was accompanied by typical sermon eclipse.


Solat is prescribed on 10 Rabi 'al-Awal Hijrah year 631 AD at the same time in June. On that day a solar eclipse effect. Follow those beliefs jahilliyah muddled, if applicable eclipse then something bad has prevailed on the earth.

God destined, on the day the Prophet's son named Ibrahim, died. Seeing that the Muslims believe  eclipse Wordpress has something to do with the death of Ibrahim, son of the Prophet Some say it is a miracle eclipse Ibrahim. The Prophet heard the words of the man. After her son finished the mengkebumikan Prophet went to the mosque in a hurry, and then invited the solar eclipse prayer Medina.


Busy people ask, why do we pray eclipse, while the eclipse is a natural occurrence? Indeed, in Islam is sunnatullah eclipse, as mentioned by the Prophet:

"Wordpress sun and the moon is one of the ayat God, if applicable eclipse is not caused by someone dead or alive. If true then bertakbirlah, and charity and set up solat ". (Bukhari dan Muslim)

The goal is clear, to reject the case or beliefs about events eclipse superstition. As noted, the Arabs believe that an eclipse effect due to the king's death, the guardian or the like. In traditional societies, whether in Europe, Africa or Asia, muddled beliefs about what happened there was an eclipse. Even in traditional societies there were Malays. There are people who bow to the sun or the moon when the eclipse. Relating the incident at the earth with the eclipse is very challenged by Islam and science.

"And among the signs of his rule is night and day, and the sun and moon. Do not you bow to the sun and did not bow to the moon and vice versa ye prostrate to Allah who created it, when really you only worship God." (Fussilat: 37)

Solat established during the eclipse is not to save the moon or the sun, nor to evade the army of the future. In contrast to increase faith in God, in addition to instilling scientific thinking in the Muslim culture. Islamic people want to know and Sentiasa menyedari sun and the moon's role in human life and other life on earth. Thus, to follow the Koran, the Muslim men and women want to keep the earth and ecological, that is not corrupt and polluted.

The point: When it is said to them: Do you make disaster and kerosakan on earth, they said: Surely we are the people who just make good. Wordpress fact they are the ones who make truth and kerosakan disaster, but they do not menyedarinya. (Surah al-Baqarah 2: Verse 11 and 12)

By establishing solat eclipse and hear his sermon, people are expected to be conscious of its responsibility to keep the earth before God, and stunted and weak taste of the glory of God.

If applicable eclipse, the Muslim man or woman who was in the application of the eclipse, gather at the mosque or surau, founded in congregational solat eclipse. If you can not in congregation, solat be established bersendirian. If the eclipse is over, no longer need to eclipse prayers.


LAW OF ECLIPSE SOLAT  (الكسوف صلاة )

Law Solat Circumcision Kusuf is Muakkad although oneself. Solat is better done in the main congregation, but may also be done oneself.


There are three ways that may be practiced for a person to do this eclipse Solat. The author will explain all three in a concise way to facilitate the readers understand it.

The first: Do the two cycles as solat Subuh by not elongate solat.
The second way: Do the two cycles with the addition of one more ruku 'in each of cycles and not memanjangkannya.

Example: --

Takbiratul Ihram
First Qiam (read Al-Fatihah and Surah everywhere)
I'tidal (up from ruku ')
Qiam second (read Al-Fatihah and Surah everywhere)
Prostration as usual solat so wake cycles as well as the two first cycles that have been described briefly earlier.

The third way: the more perfect way to follow the School Syafie: Do two cycles to read a long chapter also has two ruku 'long and two long bow and a second way qiam above.



For the third way to read the habit:

1-The first Qiam in the first cycles to read Al-Fatihah and Surah Al-Baqarah (or like unto him)
2-Qiam second in the first cycles read Surah Ali 'Imran (or like unto him)
3-The first in Qiam second cycles read Surah Al-Fatihah and Surah An-Nisa '(or like unto him)
4-Qiam second in two read cycles with Al-Ma-idah (or like unto him)

  1. Ruku 'first in first cycles read beads with long levels like read 100 verses of Surah Al-Baqarah
  2. Ruku 'second in the first cycles read beads with long levels like reading 80 verses from Surah Al-Baqarah.
  3. Ruku 'first in the second cycles with tsbih read the old content such as reading 70 verses from Surah Al-Baqarah.
  4. Ruku 'second in two read cycles beads with long levels like reading 50 verses from Surah Al-Baqarah.
Orders: (Comments are stronger in the Force is School of Imam Syafie qiam and just two ruku'  long circumcised but not at the bow there is also the opinion of the School of Syafie said elongate prostrate circumcision as circumcision lengthen ruku') These two may be obliged.
After performing solat, circumcision read and hear sermons done if together solat..If Kusuf in oneself Solat, sermon does not need to read.


Syafie School also in solar solat circumcision done in silence (when read in solat) with solat cadar cadas lunar eclipse that circumcision read aloud when solat. The author hopes that what has been described above can be understood and obliged. Hopefully Solat Kusuf (eclipse) which we can build again our approach to God Almighty.

Reference and guide

1- مغني المحتاج
2- كتاب الأم
3-  كتاب البيان
4-التقريرات السديدة فى المسائل المفيدة